• Scented with Calming Lavender instead of stinky rubber
  • Seals significantly better reducing escaping gas
  • Integrated head strap which stores on the cone

Snouts® is designed to be seamless to hold any anesthesia mask safely in place. Snouts consists of a removeable molded gasket and separate head strap which can be replaced or removed if needed. The strap attaches to the mask that slides around the patient’s muzzle. The cleaning process is as easy as removing the gasket from the main unit and sterilizing in solution.

Snouts® is the first re-do of the veterinary anesthetic mask in four decades. It contains the first integrated head strap, that stores on the cone, and the first 3D (bellows) gasket that seals significantly better and will outlast the current 2D gaskets, 5 to 1!

With two models; the standard (removeable gasket and fixed head strap) and the DLX with a molded on “twist-off” gasket and adjustable head strap! All of our gaskets and straps are lavender infused! We will have three sizes of each as economics allow. We are utility patent pending in US/UK/Europe.