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For Animal Anesthesia or Oxygen Therapy

The Evolution of Veterinary Anesthesia Masks

SNOUTS® Veterinary introduces a cutting-edge anesthesia mask featuring a unique 3-D “bellows” gasket that adapts to the patient's muzzle, complemented by a conveniently stored head strap. This advanced technology is backed by two decades of research across three continents and proudly manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Total Comfort

The mask provides a pleasant alternative to the typical rubber smell

High Efficiency

It offers a superior seal, minimizing the escape of gas

Convenient Design

The mask comes with an integrated head strap that can be stored on the cone

Embracing Comfort Prioritizing Animal Well-being

Gone are the days of the off-putting rubber smell. SNOUTS® masks are infused with a calming lavender scent to ensure a more pleasant experience for both the veterinary staff and the animals.

Durability meets flexibility with our proprietary "everlastomer". This material ensures the mask is both long-lasting and comfortable for the animal.

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Crafted for Vets: Ensuring Seamless Anesthesia Delivery Every Time

In the world of veterinary care, every second counts. SNOUTS® is meticulously designed to prioritize both safety and efficiency. The superior seal ensures that anesthesia is delivered directly and effectively, reducing the chances of gas leakage. This not only ensures that animals receive the right amount of anesthesia swiftly but also results in cost savings for veterinary clinics by minimizing wastage.

Simplicity in Action Making Anesthesia Effortless for Vets

No more fumbling with tape or gauze to secure a mask. SNOUTS® comes with an integrated head strap that conveniently stores on the cone, ensuring the mask stays securely in place.

SNOUTS® boasts a seamless design, featuring a dynamic 3D gasket that ensures a snug fit. The hygienic design also allows for easy cleaning and sterilization


Out with the old and in with the new.

Gone are the days of using the old Jorvet style anesthesia masks. SNOUTS® revolutionizes the industry with a brand new, more efficient design.


Simple Design

SNOUTS® is a unique US patent pending design consisting of a cone, head straps, and DLX (Deluxe) with molded on twist off gasket. SNOUTS® was engineered with veterinarians in mind, allowing for easy removal and quick change gaskets for difference patients, muzzle shape and size. Experience the difference of SNOUTS® today.

SNOUTS® is proudly manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

Revolutionizing Veterinary Care
Revolutionizing Veterinary Care

"Having used various anesthesia masks over the years, I can confidently say that SNOUTS® stands out. Its design prioritizes both the animal's comfort and the practitioner's ease of use. The lavender scent is a thoughtful touch, and the mask's efficiency is evident in every procedure. SNOUTS® isn't just a product; it's a revolution in veterinary care."

Beyond Expectations
Beyond Expectations

"I was initially drawn to SNOUTS® because of its calming lavender scent, but it offers so much more. The efficiency, the fit, and the overall design have exceeded our expectations. It's a product that truly delivers on its promises."

The Future of Anesthesia
The Future of Anesthesia

"Switching to SNOUTS® was one of the best decisions our clinic made. The mask's design, combined with its unique features, sets it apart from anything else on the market. It's clear that this is the future of veterinary anesthesia."

Comfort Meets Innovation
Comfort Meets Innovation

"As a veterinary technician, I appreciate products that make our tasks easier. SNOUTS® does just that. The animals seem more at ease, and the mask's design ensures a snug fit every time. It's truly a blend of comfort and innovation."

Efficiency Redefined
Efficiency Redefined

"From the superior seal to the integrated head strap, every feature of SNOUTS® screams efficiency. We've noticed a significant reduction in gas wastage, and the mask's fit is unparalleled. It's a must-have for every modern veterinary clinic."



SNOUTS® Veterinary

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Enhance Your Veterinary Expertise

Dive into a world where safety, comfort, and efficiency converge. SNOUTS® is more than just an anesthesia mask; it's a game-changer for veterinary professionals and their furry patients. Don't miss out on offering the best care with the latest innovation. Join the SNOUTS® revolution today and witness the difference firsthand.